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Cut End Vs Loop End Mop Heads

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Written by: Kristen Easler

Are loop end mop heads the same as cut end?

The biggest difference between the two is durability.  Loop End mops are going to last longer and thus will be a little more expensive.  But you can also laundry a loop end mop and use it several times.  A cut end mop will fall apart and tangle in a washing machine.

When is a cut end mop head the best choice?

It really depends on your use.  A cut end mop head will usually absorb more.  Since laundering them isn’t an option, a cut end mop are best for cleaning spills.  Cut end are also best, if you have a facility without washing machines available.  If you have small areas with light mopping, they are also a very economical choice.

When is a loop end mop head the best choice?

Again, it really depends on your use.  A loop end mop covers more surface space, so they are best for larger mopping areas (and floor equipment is even better for large spaces).  The loop end mop is going to be more durable with heavy mopping, and you can laundry them.

Which mop head is best for applying floor finish?

The most important factor here is the make up of the mop.  You don’t want to use cotton; it’ll leave lint in your floor/finish.  Look for a rayon or nylon mop.  Applying wax with a transitional mop does take skill.  Want a higher guarantee that your wax goes down even and smooth?  Switch to a microfiber flat mop system.

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Kristen Easler has been involved in the cleaning industry for nearly 5 years. She is currently the Operations/Office Manager, including overseeing quality assurance for new products.