Interstate Solutions was founded in 1978 serving the Interstate I-85 corridor focusing on manufacturing and textile plants between Charlotte, NC, and Greenville, SC.  In its early years, Interstate’s sales focused on degreasers, parts washer cleaners, lubricants, and other manufacturing-related items to accommodate MRO crib items needed.  Over the years, Interstate experienced consistent growth in sales and service capabilities and further developed into a full Jan/San distributor providing floor care products, paper, liners, and cleaning equipment.  The commitment to clients’ needs has been and continues to be the driving force behind product offerings and the success of the organization.  In 2004, Interstate embraced the Hillyard line of cleaning products and processes.  Further developments came from this relationship and educational facilities became a focus providing training resources, the Hillyard Cleaning Cost Analysis Program, and wood floor expertise to provide customers with a complete cleaning resource model.

In 2015, Interstate undertook a yearlong strategic planning exercise analyzing long-term vision, mission, and strategy.  From this time of strategic planning, we developed our vision and mission which we strive for daily and has continued to remain our focus in all we do.

Our vision is to be the most competent, collaborative facility solution provider. 

Our mission is to provide the most knowledgeable team to deliver facility service, solutions, and supplies. The level of service we guarantee is the benchmark that each of our customers uses to measure all of their other service providers.

Currently and moving forward, it is our goal to execute our vision and mission to provide the most knowledgeable experts in the cleaning field, communicating within our organization and yours to provide the best cleaning programs available.