The Importance of Using Fragrance in Public Restrooms

 By Erica Baker First impressions are extremely important, especially for any company that wants to grow its business. When you walk into a public restroom that has an unpleasant smell, it’s likely that you’ll immediately turn around and walk out. When a restroom has an odor, 47% of people say an unclean restroom shows that […]

Summer School for Hard Floors

Learn how to use the summer break to your floors’ advantage by Amy W. Richardson Before the real work gets started, you’ll need to plan and prepare. Dariusz Malachowski, unit director at SSC Services for Education, says proper planning and communication are the most important ingredients in a successful summer floor cleanup. “The preparation starts months […]

Improper Disinfection Can Lead to HAIs

Everyone agrees proper cleaning and disinfection help stop the spread of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). But what about when disinfection inadvertently causes HAIs to spread? Infection Control Today looks at what it calls an “overlooked” problem of health care workers using the wrong disinfection process/product on the wrong surface. With all the new advances in disinfectants and disinfecting […]

Guiding Your Facility’s Approach to Infection Prevention

Written by: Rich Prinz Infection control has always been integral to the environmental cleaning process, however, over the last two years it has become a critical necessity. While the COVID-19 pandemic drew attention to the importance of infection prevention, it also triggered a dramatic uptick in unsafe cleaning and disinfection practices with potential health risks. […]

4 Steps to Combat the Spread of the Flu

1.) Utilize extra cleaning resources while the building is occupied. Influenza viruses will typically only survive on a surface for two to eight hours…

Creating Positive Impressions

We’ve all been there – fueling up at a convenience store or stopping for food along a road trip with family or friends when we decide to walk inside and use the restroom….

Hydrogen Peroxide vs. Quats

Disinfectants are created with one purpose: to kill microbes and pathogens. In other words, by definition, disinfectants are destructive to cells, which means none are completely harmless.

Cut End Vs Loop End Mop Heads

Are loop end mop heads the same as cut end?The biggest difference between the two is durability.  Loop End mops are going to last longer and thus will be a little more expensive.