We’ve all seen dirty floors, spot-covered windows and over-flowing trash cans where the liner keeps failing in the bottom.  We have used the restroom that is dirty.  We all know that when a building’s custodial needs are neglected that it leaves a poor impression and can dirty impact business.

We understand the challenges of cleaning professionals, and we are available to help.  It’s not just about cleaning the building, but doing it in the most effective, efficient and cost-saving way.  That means looking at everything used from chemicals to trash can liners to soap and paper and to the floor machines.

No matter what the cleaning needs is, whether you have one building or 25 buildings, we can help you find the right products to meet your needs.  We have a large stock from major custodial suppliers, so we can help you with your aerosols, brooms and brushes, carpet products, cleaning chemicals, cleaning tools, dilution control systems, equipment and parts,  floor care products, food service products, grounds maintenance products, trash can liners, matting, packaging, paper, receptacles, restroom care, safety and skin care needs.  All your custodial needs under one roof.