Adam King

Delivery & Warehouse Specialist – Asheville

Contact Information:

Adam joined the Interstate Solutions team in July 2022, assuming the role of Warehouse and Delivery Route Specialist. In this pivotal position, he is entrusted with the daily organization of the Asheville Warehouse, ensuring its seamless and efficient operations. Adam takes charge of coordinating and overseeing route schedules, as well as managing daily transportation services. Known for his warm and welcoming demeanor, Adam consistently greets customers with a smile and a hug.

Before joining Interstate Solutions, Adam has accumulated diverse professional experiences, including roles as a drywall finisher, roofer, landscaper, TSA Security personnel, interior designer, and at Brittany Supply.

Fun Facts about Adam:

  • Adam finds joy in walking his dog “LALA.”
  • He takes pleasure in witnessing the happiness of those around him.
  • Spending quality time with friends is one of Adam’s favorite pastimes.