Mishell Gillespie

Office: 803.329.4790
Fax: 803.329.1242

Professional Experience:
Cynthia Mishell Gillespie brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table with a strong focus on account management and strategic planning. With a meticulous and detail-oriented approach, Cynthia has demonstrated exceptional accuracy in various domains, including administrative, accounting, and medical fields.

Her educational background at York Technical College, where she pursued Business Management/Medical Office System Technology from 1997 to 2000, laid the foundation for her multifaceted career. Cynthia’s ability to handle complex tasks, navigate intricate billing processes, and contribute to strategic planning makes her a valuable asset to any team.

Fun Fact: 

Mishell finds joy in spending quality time with her family, exploring auction treasures, giving furniture a new lease on life through creative makeovers, and expressing her artistic side through drawing. Mishell’s diverse interests highlight her passion for both personal connections and creative pursuits outside the professional realm.