Hillyard Gator Entry Matting

The Gator® Brand Difference – Entry Matting

​High-performance matting can trap up to 85% of the soil entering your facility!

Go Clean-In-Place, It’s the Smart Business Decision

  • It looks better and lasts longer without torn or curled edges.
  • It offers better protection and reduces slip/fall potential by covering more area.
  • It reduces trip hazards associated with raised corners on traditional mats or multiple “patch-work”  mats placed in an entryway.
  • It saves labor by vacuuming and extracting in place instead of having to remove mats to clean and having to “clean around” mats like with traditional matting.​

More Fiber LESS Rubber Fill!

Packed with 37 or 52 ounces of face weight per square yard, Gator brand absorbs more water, lasts longer, and looks better over a longer period of time! Typical heavy-duty matting doesn’t retain as much water, leaving more slop to clean up and greater potential for slip/falls on slick floors!


Coarse, Thick Dense Fiber!

Gator Matting provides an excellent scraping action surface for maximum soil removal. Greater crush and abrasion resistance means Gator brand matting systems last longer! Typical heavy-duty matting doesn’t provide the scraping action to remove and trap soil.  It’s more susceptible to crushing and abrasion, hindering the ability to remove soil, and limiting the life expectancy of the mat.

100% Polypropylene Fiber!

Gator is non-porous, fade-resistant, stain-resistant and highly resilient, all qualities that lead to better looking, longer lasting and better performing matting!

A Sustainable Choice!

Hillyard Gator brand high-performance matting, when deployed properly, can lower the frequency of some restorative cleaning processes, like stripping and recoating floors, and extracting carpets. Lowering the frequency of these processes can have a positive impact on indoor air quality, and resource consumption. The result is an improved environmental impact on your building, its occupants, and the outdoor environment.

​A Complete Program – ​Gator Gym, Hygiene & Safety!

Download the Gator brochure for our complete offering. See how you can use Gator to protect your sports floors, provide hygiene and safety.